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Your Marketing Department Reimagined

Meet your brand-new marketing department.

Save and earn big by leasing your very own expert marketing team from Digital Leadz.

The days of building marketing departments are over.

From hiring to onboarding and training, it’s a tough ask to build a quality in-house marketing team. But what if you could skip that process and optimize your marketing strategies at the same time? 

With the power of Digital Leadz, you can!

Our available-for-lease marketing teams help you to:

Why should I lease my marketing team with Digital Leadz?

In today’s economy, every business is scraping and clawing for every inch of room in their budget. But we don’t have to tell you that!

One fantastic way to save money and multiply results simultaneously is to outsource your mission-critical projects to specialized experts.

That includes marketing. 

Leasing a third-party marketing department rather than building one in-house saves you time, money, and frustration. Plus, it gives you immediate access to some of the world’s top marketing talent instead of taking a chance on employees with little experience. 


But that’s not all.

Leasing a marketing team allows you to:

  • Skip the hassle of recruiting, hiring, training, and managing a marketing department.


  • Avoid everything that comes with bringing on full-time team members, such as salaries, bonuses, benefits, and employee reviews.


  • Analyze your marketing experts based on their work and the big-picture results they bring in rather than irrelevant day-to-day details.


  • Always have the industry’s best and latest technology, reporting, and marketing strategies to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Your success comes first. Always.

As a marketing client of Digital Leadz, we’ll treat your business like it’s one in a million — because it is. Instead of taking on countless clients, we reserve our time, efforts, and marketing expertise for only five accounts simultaneously. As one of those clients, you’ll be treated with quality care and attention that’s simply unmatched by similar agencies. 

Not your average run-of-the-mill marketing team.

You’re not an average company with average goals and aspirations. So, why would you settle for an average marketing team?

The experts we assign to serve as your marketing department and deliver winning strategies are all highly trained in their specialties.

From SEO experts to professional web developers and email campaign designers, your Digital Leadz team provides every cog in the wheel to optimize your business and skyrocket your ROI. 

You get to run the show — we’ll do the rest.

If you run a small company trying to build a large-scale marketing department, it can feel like juggling a million different tasks, from finding quality candidates to onboarding, training, and maintaining current team members.

But with a full-fledged Digital Leadz marketing team working around the clock to bring top results, you can finally focus on overseeing other aspects of your business.

Sit back, watch your business grow, and let us do the dirty work. 

Benefit of Leasing Vs Owning a Marketing Department with Digital leadz

  • Your newly assigned VP of Marketing has 20+ years of experience. 
  • Skip the hassle of recruiting, hiring, training, and managing a marketing team.
  • No salaries, bonuses, benefits, Christmas gifts, or reviews.
  • Always have the latest in technology, reporting, and marketing strategy.
  • Flex the team up and down based on the actual work required not just to keep everyone happy.

Features That Set us Apart from Others

  • Weekly meetings
  • Custom reporting
  • No salaries, benefits, bonuses, or Christmas gifts
  • Team of dedicated professionals ready to go
  • Flexible to scale up and down as the business requires

Digital Leadz marketing teams specialize in:

● Pay Per Click Campaigns

● Search Engine Optimization

● Google Maps Optimization

● Social Media Marketing

● B2B Lead Generation

● Expert Web Development

● Reputation Management

● Press Release Distributions

● Programmatic Display, Video, and Audio

● Email Marketing

Here’s what we’ve accomplished for our clients

Client: Multi-unit dental office

Marketing department costs before Digital Leadz: $185,000 / year

Major Expenses included:
● Director of Marketing
● Paid media budget
● Agency costs

Costs after Digital Leadz: $123,000 / year

Cost Saved = $62,000

Client: Multi-location insurance brokerage.

Marketing department costs before Digital Leadz: $293,000 / year

Major Expenses included
● VP of Marketing
● Paid media budget
● Contractors
● Two additional staff

Costs after Digital Leadz: $211,000 / year

Cost Saved = $82,000

Client: Regional transportation company.

Marketing department costs before Digital Leadz: $264,500 / year

Major Expenses included
● VP of Marketing
● Paid media budget
● Three additional staff

Costs after Digital Leadz: $196,000 / year

Cost Saved = $68,500

How much will YOU save by leasing your marketing team with Digital Leadz?

Get in touch with us today, and we’ll create a custom strategy for your business!

Digital Leadz: Creating a new marketing era one client at a time.

At Digital Leadz, our mission is simple

We aim to provide simple, accessible, available-for-lease marketing teams to save modern businesses the hassle of building their own full in-house marketing department.

In today’s cutthroat economy, saving money is the name of the game — but not at the expense of low-quality results. We believe there’s a secret to cutting costs and saving valuable time and energy while STILL raking in revenue and accomplishing your business goals.

That secret is outsourcing.

By handing over the reins to specialized professionals, business owners can clear up their plates to focus on other vital areas of their business. Meanwhile, a team of experts can work behind the scenes to bring valuable results and create massive ROI.

Digital Leadz is helping to revolutionize the idea of outsourcing regarding marketing. We believe that the days of high-functioning in-house marketing departments are nearly over, which is why we work tirelessly to take the load off and provide incredible value to each and every one of our clients.

With marketing staff on hand that holds decades of experience in their industry, our teams have the power to serve as the perfect third-party revenue booster for any business. Plus, with the ability to take on nearly every aspect of a marketing campaign, from PPC ads to SEO to social media, hiring a Digital Leadz team is the only step you need to build a well-rounded team instantly.

If you’re a business looking to cut costs without slowing growth, you may be a perfect fit to lease a marketing department with us. Click below to learn more, contact us, and schedule a personal consultation so we can build you a personalized plan.